Internet KOORATE!

Complete Internet Presence for Your Small Business

Kooraté began as a brand of Just Works, a computer company in Nashua, NH.  Kooraté is pronounced “koo-RAH-tay” and is meant to be a humorous take on Karate and martial arts entertainment in popular culture.  Kooraté provides complete package solutions for Internet Presence via professional web site creation.

When you need a complete Internet presence for your small business and both time and cost are important factors, then Kooraté is your solution.

  • Your Company Web Address – http://www.YourCompany.com
  • Real Email at your company – joe@YourCompany.com
  • Custom Corporate Web Site – Dynamic, Rich, Easy.
  • Unlimited Updates are EASY to do.
  • Network with the hottest social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter!
  • Complete Technical Support
  • We’ll help you build it all & give YOU control.
  • Easily add new features like Newsletters, calendars, event registration, and more – All included!

Kooraté is a system devised for small (SOHO) businesses to give them a professional online appearance and presence for a very affordable price.  By leveraging free and low-cost services, and with the knowledge of the latest trends, Kooraté can make even the smallest companies look and work great on the Internet.

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