Black Dragon

Black Dragon Tactical needed a web site to be up and running in hours rather than weeks.  Koorate by Just Works came to the rescue.

Check back frequently as Black Dragon is new to the online retail business and will be adding some truly amazing products in the very near future.

Black Dragon Tactical

Web design when you need it yesterday by Kooraté!

Up the Underground

Discover the underground secrets in your town or around the world!

Report your favorite secrets and have them showcased for the world to see!

Up the Underground was a joint venture of Just Works and County Buck to highlight local activities that rarely get the spotlight they deserve – people, places, events and more!

With the power of Kooraté, this site came alive!

Sadly, it was abandoned for lack of participation.


Up the Underground

Up the Underground!

Check it out and join up to become one of Up the Underground‘s SECRET AGENTS!

Making the Connection

Disaster after disaster, one thing keeps coming up as the cause of slowed relief: poor communications.

C4I for Humanity is a new group forming to try and alleviate that problem.

The C4I for Humanity team needed a robust platform and scalable solution to begin their plan to help connect humanitarian relief organizations with each other and the people on the ground.  By leveraging Kooraté, their plan is coming together.

C4I for Humanity Screenshot

Helping people by aiding communication

Want to volunteer or donate?  C4I for Humanity could use your help!

Come Sail With Us

A New England Craftsman builds a sail boat and he and his crew need a web presence.Kooraté comes to the rescue.

This site was designed to provide a public out-reach for this historical re-enactment crew. Just Works and the Kooraté team created the site and the crew has kept the site beautifully up to date.

Heart of Oak

They’re looking for new folks to sail with them, too!

A Web Site for Jedi

The Jedi are about to become a real thing.

This site was designed for a new church of Jediism.  If you ever saw Star Wars and wished the Jedi were real, then this is the site for you.

Real Jedi

They’ve got big plans and Kooraté is right here making it happen on the ‘net.

Just Works

Just Works came to us in need of a simple corporate blog. We hooked them up with the latest feature rich web site to showcase their computer repair business.

A web site for a small computer repair shop. (Clicky clicky the image!)