Easy to Use

The days of learning a new language and writing code to update your website are happily, gone forever!

Koorate leverages the world renowned WordPress software as the back end for your web site so making changes to the content is as easy as editing a document in MS Word or writing an email.

WordPress allows you to separate the design, functionality, and content of your web site, so each can be changed independently without messing up the rest.


WordPress Admin Interface

WordPress has a robust, but easy administrative interface.

After consulting with you, an expert at Koorate will hand select about a dozen free themes out of the thousands available.  These will be presented to you and you’ll choose one for us to configure.  A Koorate expert will install all those themes and configure one for you. If you would like more than 12 choices or if you have a commercial theme you’d prefer, just let us know and we can install additional themes for just $50 each.

Many companies prefer a more customized theme and Koorate can help! For only $75 an hour we can modify your selected theme to suit your exact requirements.


In WordPress, additional functionality is provided by Plugins. Selecting and configuring the right plugins for your needs is where Koorate really shines.  There are over 25,000 free plugins available from the WordPress.org web site and countless more available commercially.  Selecting the right ones for your needs can be especially daunting.  Koorate leverages vast experience and constant testing to maintain a secret list of the best plugins for various tasks, from newsletters to embedded video to industry-specific needs.  We have you covered.

We’ll start you off with our standard set of the best, latest, “must-have” plugins.  We’ll add to those a number of extras based on our consultation with you regarding your unique needs and desires.

As with themes, if you need additional plugins installed, we can do that for you for just $50 each.  Code customization of existing themes is available for just $75 an hour.


Your content is your own.  We’ll walk you through setting up a few pages on your site and give you instructions for adding more.  In fact, most of our tutorial time with you will involve teaching you how to manage the content of your web site so you never need to hire someone for all those little changes you need.  We’ll set up a home page, About Us, News, and Contact page on your site.  During the tutorial, we’ll walk you through editing, adding, deleting, and other common tasks.  You’ll love how easy it is.

If you need a copy editor, Koorate can recommend one to you at no extra charge.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) based on a blogging (online journal) platform.  It is robust and can be exactly customized to meet your needs.  It is also extremely well documented and supported, and help is available from many sources.  We believe you’ll find WordPress sites by Koorate to be very easy to use and powerful enough to give you that truly professional appearance.

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