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Congratulations on your decision to get a new website from Koorate.

The process is very simple.  First, we’ll need some basic information from you, such as contact info and a brief summary of your needs.  From there, we’ll set up an appointment for a detailed consultation to best determine your needs and how Koorate can help you.  From there, we’ll send you a proposal & estimate for you to look over to decide if our solution is right for you.

When you are satisfied with our offer, we’ll send you a contract to sign and request a deposit to get started.  We can complete most websites within a week or so, but every site is different, and we’ll include a time frame in your proposal & estimate.

Does that sound good? Excellent! Let’s get started.

Below is the basic information form.  Please try to fill it our as completely as you can, but if there is something you don’t know or don’t understand, just leave it blank.startbutton

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