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LouvreMuseumMuseum curators have a daunting task these days to digitize their collections.  There are lots of great reasons to do so, including records in case of theft or destruction, but more commonly so researchers and students can easily find artifacts they are looking to study.

Smaller museums, usually don’t have the resources of MoMA or the Louvre, and so often their collections are at the mercy of some dusty, hand-written list of acquisitions the old curator kept in a notebook.  With Koorate, you no longer have any excuses to catalog everything and get that catalog online, so you can spread the knowledge and enjoyment of what you preserve.

Our easy to use solution is tailored for small museum collections who want a professional system but don’t have the resources for expensive systems requiring a dedicated IT staff.  Our solution integrates into WordPress for ease of use, while also making use of the Dublin Core meta-data iniative (DCMI) standard.  This is perfect for small private and municipal institutions with limited staff and resources.

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