Products & Pricing

Getting the most out of your web site can seem like a daunting task at first.  Koorate is here to help.

We like to keep things as simple as possible, but not too simple that you miss important details.  Therefore, we have made our products and pricing extremely straight forward.

We currently have custom solutions for personal, retail, non-profit, professional services, real estate, museumlibrary, and musician/band web sites.

Our pricing is as follows:

  • Base Pricing for a Web Site:  $699.00  Just $499 for a limited time! Save $200 when you sign up now!
    • Includes Install & Configuration of 20 plugins (12 standard, plus 8 custom)
    • Includes Install of up to 12 Free Themes
    • Includes Configuration of your choice of One Theme from the above
    • Includes Live Walkthrough of Acquiring Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration
    • Includes creation of 4 pages: Home, About, Contact, and Blog/News
    • Includes 1 and a half hour Tutorial
    • Includes necessary client consultation time (via phone or Skype) for all of the above.
  • (Install and) Configure additional Theme: $50
  • Install and Configure additional Plugin: $50
  • Technical Consultation (advice): $75/hr
  • Programming (Coding of any sort): $75/hr
  • Tutorials: $50/hr via phone or Skype
  • On-Site consultation (or tutorial) of any sort: $100/hr. min. 1 hour
    • If beyond 30 minutes drive from Nashua, NH, add travel expenses, min 2 hrs.
    • If over 2 hours drive, add hotel room and food stipend min. 4hrs
    • If over 4 hours drive, include 2-way airplane ticket and local transportation. Min 6hrs

We expect a 50% down payment to begin work and the balance due immediately upon completion.  We will give you full Administrative Control of your site as soon as your payment is complete.  We reserve the right to disable any site we create which has not been completely paid for within 30 days of completion.

Fair enough? Great!

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